Brand Design

Manifestation of the conceptual essence into a unique visual identity of the organization.
Logo is the single most visible manifestation of the company within the target market. It’s the visual road sign that offers clues about a company’s personality and character – a powerful marketing tool. It’s the basic unit of a larger brand identity that includes company fonts, colors and document-design guidelines. Today, the market is flooded with brands, from the corner of a news paper to the moving scroll bar at the bottom of your television screen. It is absolutely necessary, therefore, for a logo to have a meaning, to present something specific and unique to the subconscious mind of the consumer, to set it apart from the rest of the competition. Having just any logo, however, is not enough to create a brand identity. A badly thought up logo can very easily destroy the image, whereas, a carefully designed logo can reach the consumer with the precise communication. Therefore, everything depends on the design of the logo.

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The challenge is to incorporate the right designs and combinations of curves, angular lines, shapes and symbols that tell the correct story in art. Furthermore, the relation of the organization, its soul and all its stakeholders need to be aligned to form the conceptual essence and then manifest it in a logo. From color choice to font size, the logo can say a lot about an organization. DY Works has designed logos for clients like Dabber, Gravis, ABD, Thymus, Sun feast Yippee, Click Sangeet, Tritvam, IMGC, Air India and more. A brand is not merely a word or logo, but also how they communicate through other channels. By using visual brand language, a brand can directly and subliminally communicate a company’s values and personality through compelling imagery and design style. An alphabet properly designed can result in an emotional connection or denote cultural connotations. A key ingredient necessary to make an authentic and convincing brand strategy that can be applied uniquely and creatively in all forms of brand communications to both employees and customers, DY Works has successfully intervened to create a memorable experience for brands and their consumers.


Image result for Brand Designwas to transform the umbrella brand and its articulated brand essence, brand vision and brand personality to all its divisions to provide impetus, identity and collective strength. Amongst other verticals, DY Works undertook rejuvenation for its B2B verticals – Material Handling, Tooling, Precision Engineering, Storage Solutions, Electricals & Electronics, and Construction – and Godrej Industries ltd. The endeavor was to find the strengths of the brand that could be leveraged to build markets. Deep dive immersion brought to the front the Godrej competitive advantage, unheard of consumer insights and employee ethos, service orientation, people-centric. Through a four pronged process of validation, definition, creation and cascade, DY Works helped structure a brand belief that applied to multiple child brands, which gets sharply defined by behavior and action. We helped the mother brand arrive at its brand positioning and brand promise of – Illuminating Life – for its B2B businesses. DY Works constructed the proposition by a unique combination of business advantage, Brighter Living and product context. This was manifested to an appealing visual language and application in corporate communication.thank you


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